This Strawberry Lemonade Bundt Cake is drizzled with layers of sweet strawberry and tart lemony glazes. Perfect for your summer cookouts and parties!

Is there anything in the world more beautiful than a bundt cake drizzled with glaze?

I mean…okay. We’ve got sunsets on the beach and kittens playing with balls of yarn and little babies giggling with big toothless grins.

But none of those things are edible.

I mean…wait.

Can we start over?

This gorgeous, Summery bundt cake is just the thing you need for all of your potlucks. I’ve also heard that it tastes great if you eat it alone while binging DVR’d episodes of Dr. Phil. Obviously, I have no experience in such matters, but I can only imagine that a lonely housewife with two kids out of school might resort to such measures from time to time.

You’ll get no judgment from me. We all do what we’ve got to do to get by.

Not only is this stunner of a cake made completely from scratch, it’s also COMPLETELY doable. I love a cake mix as much as the next girl, but everyone needs a good scratch cake in their repertoire. And Enjoy, friends! Have a great day!

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