Blackened shrimp, chicken, broccoli Alfredo in butter garlic bread bowl

I season my chicken tenders with them bake until fully cooked(I’m not sure how long I just take them out when I see it’s cooked, sorry)

I use a bag of large shrimps from Wal-Mart season them with the only blackened season and garlic powder Saute them with butter

In a skillet saute some minced garlic and broccoli in butter until tender

Boil penne pasta until half cooked drain

Add shrimp cut up tenders broccoli along with. Garlic Alfredo sauce (i always add milk to mines that’s just me now) stir together and cook on med heat

Use more minced garlic and butter let it cook together until the garlic is tender

Meanwhile, hollow out a sourdough loaf use the butter and garlic mix brush the bowl inside and out bake until golden brown

After pasta is fully cooked add into the bowl sprinkle shredded cheese and parsley flakes place back into the oven bake until cheese is melted

350 brown 

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