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Chocolate twinkie cake

The way to make Twinkies cake with cream needs simple ingredients that are present in every home, and the method of making Twinkies cake with cream is not limited to certain ingredients, but many ingredients can be added to it:

* Ingredients :

° 5 eggs.

° A cup flour.

° A glass milk.

° A cup and a half sugar.

° Half a cup oil.

° 2 tsp baking powder.

° 1 tsp vanilla.

° 1 tsp vinegar.

++Cream ingredients:

° 2 cream boxes.

° 2 generous envelopes.

° A quarter cup  milk.

* Preparation steps:

Mix the cream and cream together and set them aside. Stir in the vinegar, eggs, and sugar for 10 minutes. With milk, add flour and baking powder, then mix all ingredients with the egg mixture. Add oil gradually. Mix the ingredients until well combined. Bring two baking molds, brush them with oil, and pour the mixture inside. Put the cake into the oven for forty-five minutes, until it’s cooked through. Turn off the oven and take out the cakes. Then brush the mold with cream, and place the other tray on top. Decorate the cake with the rest of the available cream.


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