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Weight Wacthers 4 Point Plus Smoked Fish


2 Gallons Pure Spring Water
1 Cup Plain Salt
4-6 Pounds Smoking Fishes Like Whitefish, Atlantic Salmon, Spanish Mackerel And Mullet
Hickory Chips, Soaked For 30 Minutes and Drained
Butter, Melted


In a large shallow dish with a lid, combine the water and salt. Split your fish into halves and place in the water. Cover, refrigerate and marinate overnight; turning often. Prepare your smoker to 225 to 250 degrees and add the soaked wood chips. Remove the fish from brine and pat dry. Place in your smoker scales side down. Keep your smoker temperature at 225 to 250 degrees adding coals and chips as needed. Smoke for 4-6 hours until desired doneness (180 degrees internal temp) basting every hour with the butter.

Each 3 Ounce Serving Is 4 Weight Watchers Points Plus.

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