Never Cry

Karma sags: Never cry for ang relationship in life. Because for the one whom you try doesnt deserve gour tears.

Don’t tell me you love me then show me othemvtse by ignoring me. I will not beg for your love. Don’t t.ell me how much you want to be together find excuses to keep us apart. I Will find something to fill that empty time. Don’t tell me how important that I am to you and put me at the bottom of your priority list. I will change my priorities. Don’t tell me you accept me as I am and then reject me. I will withdraw and disappear. I am not a toy for you to play wtth when you want to nnd then put back in the closet. All I ever asked for was your love, time and acceptance Of Who I am. Either walk with me or be courteous enough to break my heart and walk away…

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